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Medicare comes with its limitations and benefits that keep changing with the variety of plans. However, overcoming those complexities with the help of the perfect combination for coverage is the best decision. It requires a keen analysis of the needs and expenses of an individual. 

With the right people, you can easily foresee how well the plans would work out as per your budget and needs. We believe in educating our clients about all the Medicare plans and help them get a better understanding of them.

Do you believe that Medicare plans are only available through the federal government? Or that you can apply for Medicare plans anytime you want? Or you cannot enroll in Medicare because you have a pre-existing condition or are very sick? 

Do you think Medicare Advantage plans are just the same as Medicare Supplement plans? If the answer is yes to even one of these statements, we need to talk.

The ordinary people who are new to health insurance and related concepts become the prey of losses and scams. An insurance agency fills the gaps that persist for regular customers. There are many myths and misconceptions associated with Medicare. 

People tend to take advantage of those who do not have enough information. We can give you straight facts and bust those myths because the misunderstandings can cost big time. It would not only be hard on your pocket but would also not get you any services.

From enrollment to figuring out the right plan, you can rely on our professional insurance expert team. To enroll in the program, one can visit the social security office or even apply online with continuous aid from our team. 

Many people cannot enroll in Medicare plans because Medicare does not notify you when it is the time of enrolling. 

Not just that, Medicare also charges a penalty for those who do not sign up for Medicare at the correct time (7-month window to enroll in Part A and B). With us, you would never miss any Medicare-related deadline. "Health is wealth," and investing in your health makes you wealthy.

New-to-Medicare customers can unknowingly face pitfalls. However, these agents who are not invested wholly in Medicare plans rather keep them as side plans cannot provide the full-fledged advice you need. 

Clients might be under the impression that Medicare plans are available at cheaper rates online. However, this is false, and people wrongfully use such myths to make the clients fall for wrong schemes.

Medicare planning can be intimidating, but in the long run, the benefits outweigh the inputs required from the clients in the plans-related decision-making. With the right assistance, one can quickly consult for a simplified understanding of all the plans and parts of Medicare for better performance. 

Our team of insurance experts specializes in Medicare plans in Dauphin county, Lehigh County, Northumberland County, Allentown, Harrisburg, Shamokin, Elysburg, and other regions of Pennsylvania.      We are here to entertain all your queries because there is nothing more important than your health.


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Eric Gilroy


As a financial advisor, Eric Gilroy knew that he needed to offer more to his clients as health insurance is one of the many factors when considering retirement.  Therefore, Eric decided with his Partner Chad Lauer to open The Gilroy Group to offer clients expertise in understanding their insurance options when turning 65.  Eric is a tremendous resource to our clients and his expertise is top-notch.

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Chad Lauer


While navigating the health insurance market for himself Chad realized that there is a major need in advising folks on their health care options.  This passion led to having a conversation with co-founder and long time friend, Eric Gilroy, about starting The Gilroy Group to become experts in helping people understand their health insurance options.  Chad is a tremendous resource to our clients and will take the time to understand their individual needs.

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